Wind Swept Penis Plug


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Bulk Discount 3 - 5 3%
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UGS : 2509-MW-X1900 Catégories : , ,

This piece is made from 316LVM Surgical Steel and is over 13cm(5\ ») long and 0.8cm(0.3\ ») in diameter at its largest part so it is an awesome starter penis plug or a play plug. It has humps (eggs) that will give you additional pleasure, so when you think you have reached your max then another speed hump comes along 🙂 . This piece can be used by both genders. It had a ring on the end so that you do not over insert during playtime. It is a fully solid piece.

Length: 13cm/5\ »
Insert: 11cm/4.3\ »
Diameter: 0.8cm/0.3\ »
Poids 0.04 kg


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