War Zone Penis Plug


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Bulk Discount 3 - 5 3%
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Bulk Discount 21 + 9%
UGS : 433-MW-X1988 Catégories : , ,
A great starter penis plug the war zone is not too long but will still give great urethral sexual sensations.  Attach the glans ring so you can wear it around and for longer periods but remember it is not a cum thru so has to be taken off when peeing or ejaculating.  A fine urethral toy that will keep you satisfied when wearing.
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Package: Bag
Length: 9.6 cm/3.8 inches
Insert Length: 6 cm/2.4 inches
Insert Max Dia: 1.0 cm/0.4 inches
Glans Ring Dia: 3 cm/1.18 inches   2.5 cm/0.98 inches
Net Weight: 0.043 kg/0.1 lb/1.5 oz
Poids 0.05 kg


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