Automatic Precision Pump


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The Automatic Precision Pump has everything you would expect from a high-end, high performance penis pump. The clear cylinder is made of quality, tough ABS and is 20.5CM long, with an oversized diameter of 6CM. It is clear and sports measurements in both the metric and imperial systems. The controller is made of black ABS, uses 3 AA batteries and features a quick-release button for both safety and fast action. The hose is made of advanced PVC designed to be crimp-resistant. Of course, no penis pump is complete without a super-stretchy, snug and comfortable TPE sleeve designed for an optimal fit and perfect vacuum seal.
The durable cylinder measures 20.5CM long with a width of 6.5CM, and is transparent, so you can view your achievement. This pump system features a flared and slightly tapered cylinder and a hygienically superior tapered TPR sleeve for a secure vacuum seal.

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